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Would you like to be volunteer? We’re glad to hear that!

Please read the following points.

Where do volunteers work during the race?

–         aid stations

–          checkpoints

–         in the race center

–         in the start-finish area

–          race logistics

–         at junctions, busy road crossings


How long the race is?

A day. You can find the opening hours of the race center, the start/finish area and the aid stations and checkpoints in the application form. Make sure you choose a job that you can make time for. Accomodation for the night is provided for those who work on both days.

How do I get to the race, to the place of my shift?

We’ll take care of that.

Is food provided for volunteers?

Yes. If you work at aid stations or checkpoints we’ll pack you a meal. If you work in the race center or the start/finish area (or have finished your shift at a checkpoint) cooked meal is provided at the race center.

Still interested? Please write to