Nyúlcipőbolt Börzsöny Trail

Nyúlcipőbolt Börzsöny Trail





  • The race is organized by Trailrunning.hu (mollis pluvia Kft.)
  • Address:  2071 Páty, Elvira krt 28.
  • E-mail: hello@ultratrail.hu
  • Tax number: 25139691-2-13
  • Bank name: Budapest Bank
  • BIC (Bank Identification Code): BUDAHUHB
  • Account number: HU50-10101126-57307300-01004000
  • Account holder: mollis pluvia Kft.
  • Medical service is provided by Fit-Med Szolgáltató Kft.
  • Insurance provider of the race is Generali Biztosító Zrt.


Be informed about the race’s specialties, the length and difficulty of the chosen course and has to be physically well-prepared for the event.
Have appropriate mountaineering, wilderness survival and wilderness navigation skills. Be able to manage mental, physical and digestive problems without assistance. Be aware of the fact that the organizers are not responsible for solving the problems listed above.


By partly self-supporting we mean that between any two consecutive aid stations the runner is responsible for solving problems related to his/her physical, mental or other weather related conditions. To this end all runners have to adhere to the following rules: Runners have to possess all mandatory equipment (see below) during the whole course. Organizers are free to check it anytime. Preventing or refusing the control will result in immediate disqualification. Upon leaving the aid station the runner has to be sure that his/her supplies (food and drinks) are sufficient until the next post. Crew access is only permitted at aid stations. Runners are not allowed to be accompanied by anyone outside the race.



Participants of the Nyúlcipőbolt Mecsek Trail are required to carry the mandatory equipment through the whole course.This kit is the bare minimum that all runners are expected to complement based on individual needs.


Obligatory equipment may be checked any time during the race. Those racers who refuse to be checked, will be disqualified.
Mandatory equipment of the first three finishers will be automatically checked at the finish line.

Required gear:

  • Cell phone (in stand by mode).
  • Photo ID.
  • Water bottle/flask of min 0.5 liter or Container/bladder of min 0.5 liter and cup.
Registration period2019.03.25. (Monday) 12:00 to 2019.04.15. (Monday) 12:00
Registration cancelled2019.04.11. (Thursday) 12:00 (noon) to hello@ultratrail.hu
Registration transfer2019.04.19. (Friday) 12:00 (noon) to hello@ultratrail.hu
Charity registration2019.04.20. (Saturday) 12:00 to 2019.04.26. (Friday) 12:00 max 10 runners
Race2019.04.28. (Sunday)


By registering the participant accepts all the race rules and etiquette. Registration is open from at noon March 25 2019. The only accepted way for registration is through terepfutas.hu. Onsite registration is not possible. The registration fee can be paid only via bank wire transfer or PayPal. All payments received by regular mail are treated as donations. Maximum number of runners: Limited to 500 runners.



Registration is possible only within the designated registration period. Your registration will become valid once the appropriate fee (depending on the distance) has arrived to the given bank account before the payment deadline. Unless the entry-fee is recorded in our accounting system in four days’ time after registering, registration will be cancelled. At the end of the registration period all entries without a payment will be dismissed. After April 1, 2019 no registrations or payments are accepted. For exceptional cases (ie. acceptance to the race after the registration period is over) please consult our Charity page.
Please wire transfer the registration fee to the following bank account:
Bank name: Budapest Bank BIC (Bank Identification Code): BUDAHUHB
Account number: HU50-10101126-57307300-01004000
Account holder: mollis pluvia Kft.



  • Podium finishers of the Nyúlcipőbolt Trail Series ’18 are invited to participate in the race and do not have to pay the registration fee.
  • Registration of Kör finishers is also free of charge.
  • One member of the following teams is allowed to participate for free: Gizionok, Mecsek Maraton Team, Sashegyi Gepárdok, Váci Jedik and X2S.


Charity registration starts at 12:00, 20 April 2019. Click here for more information.


Registration can be cancelled only in email (hello@ultratrail.hu), until 12:00 PM (CET) April 10, 2019. In this case the full registration fee is refundable but we retain 3 EUR as a cost of administration. Cancellations in any other form (phone, fax, orally etc.) are not accepted. After 12:00 PM (CET) April 10, 2019 the registration cannot be cancelled.



Registration transfer can be request only in email (hello@ultratrail.hu), until 12:00 PM (CET) April 19, 2019. Requests in any other form (phone, fax, orally etc.) are not accepted. After 12:00 PM (CET) April 19, 2019 the registration cannot be transfered.


  • Finisher medal
  • Race bib
  • Timing
  • Refreshments at aid stations during the race
  • Left baggage storage,
  • Shower
  • Hot meal at the finish
  • The race.


All finishers get a medal.
Additional prizes will be awarded to the top three male and female finishers in each of the race distances.
Runners arriving after the cutoff time are not eligible for prizes.


You can pick up your race packet at the race check-in desk by presenting a valid government issued photo ID (e.g. passport, driver license etc.). This is the only way of getting your race kit so make sure to bring an appropriate document. The race bib should be placed on the chest or your belly with a race number belt. Altering the bib or covering the official event and sponsor logos is forbidden. The access to the following areas and services is restricted to runners with race bibs: Start and finish area Aid stations Drop bags and personal refreshments Left luggage area Relax area with shower and massage Hot meal at the finish area.


Race pocket pick-up:

  • S: 9:00-10:15
  • M:  9:00-10:15
  • L: 8:45-9:45


Timing is carried out with SportIdent. The deposit for the personal chip is 5000 HUF, which should be paid at receipt, in the starting zone. We need the exact amout prepared, that is, a single banknote for 5000 HUF. In the starting zone we are going to refuse to exchange money or to accept any kinds of valuables as deposits. Competitors are supposed to get back their deposits in the finish zone, after handing down the personal chips. It is the competitors’ responsibility to preserve and to give back the chip.


Access to aid station is restricted to runners with appropriately placed race bibs.  At our aid stations runners will have access to the following refreshments: water, sport drink (isotonic), coke, crackers (both salty and sweet), chocolate, bananas, apples, pickled cucumber, olives, dried fruits, sausage, bread and cheese.  There will be NO disposable plastic cups at the aid stations. Be green bring your own reusable one!

Aid stations:

  • S – 7.3 km
  • M – 7.3 and 12 km
  • L – 7.3, 18.4 and 24.7 km


There will be a few medical and first aid station at the start/finish area and checkpoints operated by a professional crew. In case of an injury call the number on your bib immediately for assistance! All participants are required to assist fellow runners in case of emergency!


We will record the crossing times at several checkpoints along the course. The organizers reserve the right to operate previously unannounced checkpoints.


Cutoff time 20 hours. Aid station cutoffs can be found on the itinerary. Intermediate cutoffs are adjusted to a successful completion of the race near the full time limit. Runners who arrive at a checkpoint after the cutoff will be disqualified. The organizers reserve the right to stop the race or alter/change the cutoffs based on weather or safety related reasons.


  • S – 3 hours
  • M – 3 hours
  • L – 5 hours


Rest area and shower
There is a rest area with shower acmes near the race check-in.

 Hot meal at the finish
You can choose from 3 different types of food on the entry page:
with meat, vegetarian, vegan-gluten free.

Course marking
The course is marked with its very own ribbons and signs.

Penalties and disqualification
Organizers will make sure that race rules are followed and will act according to the following rules and regulations:

  • Cutting parts of the course – 1 hour penalty.
  • Cutting a minor switchback – 15 minutes penalty.
  • Missing mandatory equipment – Immediate disqualification.
  • Impeding or refusing the equipment check – Immediate disqualification.
  • Littering anywhere on course (It’s a freakin’ forest!) – Immediate disqualification.
  • Disrespectful behavior (with volunteers or other runners) – Immediate and lifelong disqualification.
  • Cheating (using any vehicles, changing bibs etc.) – Immediate and lifelong disqualification.
  • Covering the bib – 15 minutes penalty.
  • Bib worn improperly – 15 minutes penalty.
  • Skipping an aid station – Immediate disqualification.
  • Ignoring or violating the instructions of any personnel (medical staff, station captain, organizer) – Immediate disqualification.
  • Arriving after cutoff time – Immediate disqualification.
  • Failing to provide first aid – Immediate disqualification.

The 15 minute and the 1 hour penalties take effect immediately, which means that the runner must stop and cannot continue the race until the penalty time is over. All other cases not discussed above will be judged by the organizers.

A written objection must be submitted within 2 hours following the finish. It costs 5,000 HUF which is non-refundable if the complaint is not acknowledged.

Modifications to the course or the time barriers, cancellation of the race 

Altering/changing locations, the course, or cancelling the race Organizers reserve the right to change or alter any parts of the course, places of aid stations, checkpoints or modify the time and location of the start or cancel the event without prior notice due to severe weather conditions or other unexpected conditions. Should the race be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control up to 15 days before the race, the Organisers reserve the right to refund 50% of the registration fee paid. This percentage is calculated to enable the Organisers to cover part of the expenses incurred which cannot be recovered. Should the race be cancelled or interrupted for atmospheric reasons, or for any other reason beyond our control, no refund of the registration fee will be made.

Race organisers shall not be liable for accidents or damages due to any participant’s negligence, imprudence or insufficient level of training.

Dogs and pets
No dogs or other pets are allowed over the course.

With the registration the racer subscribes to the Trailrunning.hu newsletter.

Photo copyright
With the registration you are relinquishing all your entitlements to copyright over any photographic content produced during the event. The organizers possess all these rights and may pass them on to other parties.


Date: Unknown
Duration: Unknown


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