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Łemkowyna Winter Trail 2020

Łemkowyna Winter Trail 2020

Łemkowyna Ultra Trail is well associated with mud. One of their keynote is ‘Join the mudness!’. Few weeks ago even Tajga Trail was named Tajgowynan because of the mud. But not all Hungarian runners know, that there is Winter edition of Łemkowyna – full of snow, frost, and sun shining in the frozen streams.

Last weekend about 400 runners showed up in Iwonicz-Zdrój to run one of 2 Łemkowyna Winter Trails: 15 km or 35 km. Both courses are loops, unlike the Autumn trails. The idea of the Winter event was to show some more parts of Beskid Niski mountains. There is plenty of hidden diamonds here – old wooden churches, another slopes of Cergowa mountain and beautiful views with Tatra mountains visible in distance. All these highlights are points on the trails.



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We got few words review from Paweł Pawlica, runner from Kraków:
It was my second Łemkowyna Winter Trail. For me it is great test if my trainings during Autumn and Winter went well. In February we have some winter races closer to Krakow, but I choose Iwonicz-Zdrój. The reason is the beautiful demanding course and unforgettable family atmopshere of the event. You should have a chat with housewifes from Iwonicz-Zdroj who prepared delicious cakes and cookies for runners. One could wonder if it is worth to drive hundres kilometres to run just 35 km course. But the conditions here in February are so tough, that after those 35 km you would probably feel like after decent ulltra. And those cookies at the finish line…

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The best runners of both courses:

15 KM
1 Justyna Jasłowska – 01:34:13
2 Iwona Furtek – 01:35:14
3 Weronika Kozioł – 01:35:35

1 Karol Ziajka – 01:14:51
2 Jacek Wójcik – 01:14:55
3 Radosław Nawocin – 01:15:19

35 KM
1 Beata Boruszewska – 4:03:14
2 Ola Pucek-Mioduszewska – 4:03:42
3 Anna Zalewska – 4:03:57

1 Maurycy Oleksiewicz – 02:57:34
2 Krzysztof Wiernusz – 03:05:01
3 Daniel Sychowicz – 03:24:46